John Beulen……..


I am a spiritual medium and receive information through my guides and angels.

In this way I am able to support and advise many people with situations and problems as they appear on their path of life.

Through my personal style of coaching I have met, and regularly meet, many people who I can help in one way or another.

It is often possible for me to combine my gifts of medium with alternative healing in order to help people.

This can be through Reiki, magnetism, laying-on of hands or a combination of one or more of these.

Sometimes it can simply be through talking and having a listening ear without prejudice for the situation.

Because spirituality is invisible, it is difficult to explain what happens. Having the best intentions makes it easier to work with people. How many people face a dilemma, a difficult decision, are searching for the right balance in a relationship or facing the economic situation, work, finances and much more. I have heard a lot of questions regarding all of these situations. The most important thing is that people go home with a good and positive feeling. That is not something I do, but comes from the spiritual world.

When I am working with people, I am being assisted by my guides. I am just a helping hand, somebody who “translates” the messages and passes them on to the person sitting opposite me. Are you sceptical? Just ask those who have been here, they will tell you how it works!

Let’s be honest, if you don’t believe, where’s the challenge?